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Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour

Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour

Rolling Stone magazine have done an interview with Roger Waters regarding his thoughts on the Middle East and America, his disappointment in President Obama of the USA and his planned stadium concerts in 2012. He also mentions some interesting information relating to Roger Waters Tour 2013 in Europe! Read on…

Politics and Protest

As expected, the interview features heavily on politics of the Middle East and personal freedoms being exerted by people against their governments. On protesting in the USA, Roger said, “I think they will find it harder to crush that genuine outpouring of dissatisfaction with the system in this country, just as it’s harder to crush protest in Tunisia or Egypt or Iran or Syria, or anywhere else in the world where the people believe that their government is not giving them a fair crack at the whip.”

Roger also shares his opinion on Bradley Manning who passed reasonably sensitive US intelligence cables to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Roger regards Bradley Manning as “a hero in [his] book”.

Roger Waters… In Football Stadiums?

I had been wondering over the past few months after the 2012 South American Roger Waters Tour Dates were announced why Roger would go an play in football stadiums when it was that level of “success” commercially that led to Roger writing The Wall album for Pink Floyd back in the late 1970s.

Roger reveals something that I had looked over in my brief wonderings about his decision to play stadiums. Roger says in the interview, “I desperately wanted to bring this tour to South America, but they don’t play basketball or ice hockey down there, and consequentially they don’t have arenas. So you can play in a club or a soccer stadium. I’m playing in soccer stadiums, and I’ve decided that the arena show that I produced of The Wallis not inclusive enough to play in a soccer stadium”

Last Big Tour? Europe in 2013?

A questions being discussed over the past couple of years during Roger Waters 2010 and 2011 tours is whether or not he will tour into the future with other large scale tours like the one he is currently on. Roger reveals two interesting facts in the interview on this very question.

Firstly, he says that the current 2012 tour ends in August but only dates up to the end of July 2012 have been announced thus far. So either Roger just got his month muddled up or the tour has some more dates to be announced which is nice!

Secondly, Roger also revealed that there is a possibility of going back to Europe in 2013 to tour some more round there. Roger said, “The Wall is an extraordinarily satisfying piece to perform, so it may well be that I go back to Europe in 2013.  I have no idea whether it’s the last big tour. I just don’t know. ”

Read Rolling Stone Magazine article.

Roger Waters Marriage in 2012

Roger Waters Marriage to Laurie Durning should be happening soon so look out for news and pictures about that happy day for them. I am sure it will be a happy time for the couple starting 2012 on a much more positive step than the world of politics and economics!

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