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Roger Waters The Exonerated Play by Culture Project

Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2013

The Roger Waters Tour 2013 now has 27 dates after a concert at the delightful Gelredome in Arnhem, Netherlands has been announced. Thus the tour now starts a couple of days earlier than first planned and not in Belgium which becomes the second show of the leg.

This European Tour 2013 is going to be the final leg of the Wall tour which has been going since 2010 so, if you have not been to see it yet, or want to see the stadium version of the show, then you should act now to get your tickets sorted out.

You can get on the presale tickets list for the Roger Waters show at Arnhem by registering on Roger Waters official website. Roger played at this venue in 2011 for three nights in April so I think the locals are just about ready to have another treat!

Are You Going to watch The Wall Live 2013?

Feel free to leave us a comment below if you are going or, if no concerts have been announced near you yet, where you would like Roger Waters to play The Wall!

Roger Waters Tour 2013 Dates


2013-07-18 – Roger Waters – Gelredome – Arnhem – Netherlands (Tickets)
2013-07-20 – Roger Waters – Werchter Festival Site – Werchter – Belgium (Tickets)
2013-07-23 – Roger Waters – Stadion Poljud – Split – Croatia (Tickets)
2013-07-26 – Roger Waters – Stadio Euganeo – Padua – Italy (Tickets)
2013-07-28 – Roger Waters – Stadio Olimpico – Rome – Italy (Tickets)
2013-07-31 – Roger Waters – TBC – Athens – Greece (Tickets)


2013-08-04 – Roger Waters – ITU Stadium – Istanbul – Turkey (Tickets)
2013-08-07 – Roger Waters – Synot Tip Arena – Prague – Czech Republic (Tickets)
2013-08-09 – Roger Waters – Commerzbank Arena – Frankfurt – Germany (Tickets)
2013-08-11 – Roger Waters – Parken (Copenhagen) – Copenhagen – Denmark (Tickets)
2013-08-14 – Roger Waters – Telenor – Oslo – Norway (Tickets)
2013-08-15 – Roger Waters – Telenor – Oslo – Norway (Tickets)
2013-08-17 – Roger Waters – Ullevi Stadium – Gothenburg – Sweden (Tickets)
2013-08-20 – Roger Waters – Stadion Narodowy – Warsaw – Poland (Tickets)
2013-08-23 – Roger Waters – Ernst-Happel Stadium – Vienna – Austria (Tickets)
2013-08-25 – Roger Waters – Puskás Ferenc Stadium – Budapest – Hungary (Tickets)
2013-08-28 – Roger Waters – Piata Constitutiei – Bucharest – Romania (Tickets)
2013-08-30 – Roger Waters – Vasil Levski Stadium – Sofia – Bulgaria (Tickets)


2013-09-01 – Roger Waters – Usce Park – Belgrade – Serbia (Tickets)
2013-09-04 – Roger Waters – Olympiastadion – Berlin – Germany (Tickets)
2013-09-06 – Roger Waters – Esprit Arena – Dusseldorf – Germany (Tickets)
2013-09-08 – Roger Waters – Amsterdam Arena – Amsterdam – Netherlands (Tickets)
2013-09-11 – Roger Waters – Letzigrund Stadium – Zurich – Switzerland (Tickets)
2013-09-14 – Roger Waters – Wembley Stadium – London – England (Tickets)
2013-09-16 – Roger Waters – Manchester Evening News Arena – Manchester – England (Tickets)
2013-09-18 – Roger Waters – Aviva Stadium (Dublin) – Dublin – Ireland (Tickets)
2013-09-21 – Roger Waters – Stade de France – Paris – France (Tickets)

Sep 152010
Roger Waters Wall Tour | In Front of The Wall

Roger Waters Wall Tour | In Front of The Wall

Roger Waters is performing a third night on The Wall Live Tour in 2011 in the Netherlands!

In addition to the previously announced two dates, he is also playing on 11th April 2011 at Gelredome.

The presale tickets will probably be on sale tomorrow and general sale on Friday or Saturday. As usual, if you know any details about the presale tickets, then please leave a comment below so other people can find out too!

Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour 2011 – Netherlands Dates

2011-04-08 – Roger Waters – Gelredome – Arnhem – Netherlands (Tickets)
2011-04-09 – Roger Waters – Gelredome – Arnhem – Netherlands (Tickets)
2011-04-11 – Roger Waters – Gelredome – Arnhem – Netherlands (Tickets)

First Night of The Wall Tour

Roger Waters Wall Tour Photo

Roger Waters Wall Tour Photo

Tonight will see the first performance to the public of The Wall Live tour at the Air Canada Center!

Many thousands of lucky people will be there having the time of their lives seeing the new production of the Wall using modern production technology, projections, lighting, sound and some new puppets I believe!

If you do not mind spoilers, then you can see some photos of the dress rehearsal of The Wall Tour at the Izod centre.

Not giving much away but it does look terribly good! I bet it will sound even better! I cannot wait to see the tour arriving in Manchester, England in May 2011!!

Robbie Wyckoff on The Wall Tour

Robbie Wyckoff | Wall Live Tour 2010 2011 | Singer

Robbie Wyckoff | Wall Live Tour 2010 2011 | Singer

It will be very interesting to hear Robbie Wyckoff and see how he goes down. Until it was announced that he would be singing some of the lead vocals on The Wall Live Tour, I had not heard of him myself.

I had a listen to Robbie Wyckoff’s songs on MySpace and he has a powerful voice much in the style of Paul Rodgers who is currently singing for Queen and did Alright Now! I particularly like the song High from his MySpace. Go over there and have a listen.

I am sure he will do a great job and look forward to hearing him!

A Call To All – Please Share Photos

If you are planning on taking some photographs on The Wall Live Tour and would like to share them with all the happy people at NPF/RWT, then please do get in touch and send your photos. I will then add them to The Wall Tour Photos gallery.

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