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Roger Waters National Indoor Arena (NIA) Birmingham

Roger Waters National Indoor Arena (NIA) Birmingham

What was to be the final night of the Roger Waters Wall Live tour on 29th June 2011 at the MEN in Manchester has been cancelled apparently “due to filming commitments” so will now not go ahead.

Refunds are available for the tickets at the point of sale where you bought them. Contact your ticket vendor.

New Date Added

However, a new date has now been added at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham on 27th June 2011.

Presale tickets for this show should go on sale tomorrow so make sure you are registered on Roger Waters website to have a chance of being selected for that.

General tickets are available from 3rd December 2010 from

Roger Waters Concerts in England

2011-05-11O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-12O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-14O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-15O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-17O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-18O2 Arena (London) – London – England
2011-05-20Manchester Evening News Arena – Manchester – England
2011-05-21Manchester Evening News Arena – Manchester – England
2011-06-27National Indoor Arena – Birmingham – England (New)
2011-06-28Manchester Evening News Arena – Manchester – England

Need Tickets for Other Shows on Tour?

There are now 71 concerts remaining on Roger Waters The Wall Tour and there are still tickets too for those of you who have not bought any yet! You can get loads of tickets here.

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  • Shame about the cancelled concert but a new one has been added. Have you been affected? Share you thoughts below!

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