Nov 172011
2012 Roger Waters Foro Sol Poster

2012 Roger Waters Foro Sol Poster

There are now 68 Wall Concerts on the 2012 tour as there has been one added in Mexico City! Roger Waters and the rest of the band will be very busy indeed during the first half of 2012. Lord knows how they manage it!

Anyway, he will be playing with the band at Foro Sol in Mexico City, Mexico on 27th April 2012. He has played there twice before for his In The Flesh Tour of 2002 and Dark Side of the Moon Tour in 2007. He will now perform the magnificent and visually stunning Wall Live show there much to the pleasure of the Mexicans I am certain!

The presale over at Roger Waters website for registered users should happen on 28th/29th November and the tickets should be on general sale shortly thereafter.

2002-03-19Roger Waters – Foro De Sol – Mexico City – Mexico
2007-03-06Roger Waters – Foro De Sol – Mexico City – Mexico
2012-04-27Roger Waters – Foro De Sol – Mexico City – Mexico

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