Jul 062012
Roger Waters The Wall Yankee Stadium 2012

Roger Waters The Wall Yankee Stadium 2012

On the one hand, it is a shame that there are only 7 dates left on Roger Waters tour of the Wall. That is to say, from the dates announced thus far – we live in hope that Roger will agree to tour Europe some more in 2013. But on the other hand, it is also exciting, especially for those in the New York area, that Roger Waters will perform The Wall with his amazing band at Yankee Stadium this Friday night and Saturday night too.

There are still limited tickets still availble from Ticketmaster so, if you can get there, get some tickets and see one of the most ambitous productions in the history of popular music and live performance.

The Wall Tour 2012 – The Last Few Bricks

As well as the two Roger Waters Yankee Stadium concerts, there are concerts in North Carolina, Washington and Philadelphia which I am sure fans are excited about. Roger has never played these areas before except Washington in October 2010 in the second month of this amazing Wall Tour!

The final concert of this Wall Tour will take place at Les Plaines D’Abraham in Canada. For those fortunate enough to attend, this should be every inch as historic and spectacular as The Wall Live in Berlin where the show was performed in no-mans land where the machine gunners cut people down during the cold war.

Roger Waters Wall Tour Stats

Once the tour ends, Roger will have plenty of time to rest from the monumental tour that has spanned three years and, after the dates above, would have been performed a colossal 192 times! 56 dates in 2010, moving up to 64 dates in 2011 and ramping up even further to an amazing 72 wall concerts in 2012. That is an increase of 8 shows per year. So perhaps Roger Waters Europe 2013 will have 80 shows to look forward to!! Check out the Roger Waters Tour area for dates and concert listings.

Here are the 7 concerts that remain on the Roger Waters Wall tour 2010-2012. As we live in hope, especially in Europe, that Roger will bring the wall back to Europe in 2013. In particular, I think he should play the Echo Arena in Liverpool as I live not too far from there. Excellent!

2012-07-06 – Roger Waters – Yankee Stadium – Bronx (New York) – USA
2012-07-07 – Roger Waters – Yankee Stadium – Bronx (New York) – USA
2012-07-09 – Roger Waters – RBC Center (Raleigh) – Raleigh (North Carolina) – USA
2012-07-10 – Roger Waters – Time Warner Cable Arena – Charlotte (North Carolina) – USA
2012-07-12 – Roger Waters – Verizon Center (Washington) – Washington, District of Columbia – USA
2012-07-14 – Roger Waters – Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA
2012-07-21 – Roger Waters – Les Plaines DAbraham – Quebec City (Quebec) – Canada (Tickets)


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May 162012
The Wall Live DVD

The Wall Live DVD? Potentially.

A 6 minute video has appeared on Roger Waters Facebook page of the Pink Floyd reunion performance on 12th May 2011 at London’s O2 Arena. This happened on Roger Waters’ tour of The Wall.

Roger Waters manager told NPF that the video is not a preview of The Wall Live DVD but “just a look behind the curtain”.

Read more about the video or go watch the video on Facebook.

I have just taken 41 rather nice screen captures from the video for you to view. Some rather nice ones came out of the process. View Pink Floyd Reunion/Wall Live DVD photos.

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