May 172012
Pink Floyd Sirius XM Radio

Pink Floyd Sirius XM Radio

During the interview between Roger Waters and Jim Ladd today it was announced that The Pink Floyd Channel takes over Deep Tracks all Memorial weekend starting 25th May 2012 at 12p Est. Deep Tracks is a radio station on the American satellite radio network Sirius XM Radio.

Then from June 2012 onwards, Pink Floyd will have their very own radio station in the USA. Great!

I don’t know anything more about any of this so will have to reserve any other comments until I find out more. It could be exciting if there is some new content on the new radio station. I wonder who will be the DJ for it? A famous person or someone from Hospital Radio?

May 132012
Roger Waters and Jim Ladd Interview

Roger Waters and Jim Ladd Interview

Roger Waters is to go on the Jim Ladd Show on US radio on Thursday 17th May 2012. As you know, Roger is currently touring The Wall Live and recently got married so plenty to talk about to Jim!

The last radio interview Roger did was with the insane Howard Stern which can be heard here. I doubt this one will be as mental but you never know!

The Howard Stern Show is broadcast on the Sirius XM satellite Radio channel 27. As more info becomes available, I shall share it here.

Read a Spare Bricks interview transcript between Roger Waters and Jim Ladd here.

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