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Roger Waters Family

Roger Waters on the knee of his mother, Mary – with his father, Eric and brother John, shortly before his father was killed.

Roger Waters has ended a personal journey he has been making across Europe to visit the grave of his late father, Eric Fletcher Waters, who died in WWII in Italy. Roger visited the grave in Cassino War Cemetery south of Rome.

Roger said, “I’ve been making a journey through Europe to visit the grave of my grandfather who was killed in 1916 and my father who was killed at Anzio up the road here. So this is the end of the journey.”

“Some of my past is in my music and so is my future. I’m making a film that won’t be aired in public.”

Roger was interviewed by a local TV station and was recalling how his father’s death affected him. Roger said, “When men in uniform came to collect their children, that’s when I realised I didn’t have a father any more.

“I was very angry. It took me years to come to terms with it. Because he was missing in action, presumed killed, until quite recently I expected him to come home. The sacrifice of his life has been a great gift and a great burden to me.”

Eric Fletcher Waters was killed in the spring of 1944 during intense fighting after the famous Allied landings at Anzio, south of Rome, Italy. The story features prominently in the album he wrote The Wall which he has been touring since 2010.

In a couple of months, Roger and the band will resume touring on 18th July when he re-visits Arnhem in Netherlands to perform at Gelredome. Take a look at Roger Waters tour dates for 2013. This is said to be the final tour of the very long Wall Tour which started all the way back in 2010 so, if you haven’t seen the show yet, then it is spectacular, go and witness it… in the flesh!

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Roger Waters | The Wall Live Tour | Professional Press Picture

Roger Waters | The Wall Live Tour | Professional Press Picture

Two new Roger Waters Wall Tour concerts have been announced today for those lucky enough to live in the area!

2011-06-30 – Roger Waters – Bercy – Paris – France (Tickets)

2011-07-06 – Roger Waters – Mediolanum Forum – Milan – Italy (Tickets)

The presale for these two concerts has begun already so you should be receiving an email if you have been selected as one of the lucky ones!

Leave a comment below and let us know which show/s you have been or are attending! Also, what country would you like Roger to play at?

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