Nov 162012
Roger Waters Wembley Stadium 2013

Roger Waters Wembley Stadium 2013 Wall Live

I don’t know about other people, but I simply cannot wait to get my dirty little paws on some Roger Waters Wembley Stadium tickets for the 14th September 2013 concert there.

I think the combined seated and standing capacity of Wembley Stadium is a whopping 105,000 people! Combine that with a colossal great Wall across the immense stadium and all that great musical performance, projection technology, art and pyro…. Good Lord above! Yes! Presale – I believe the pre-sale starts on 17th November 2013 for those who have registered to get Roger Waters tickets for London via Roger’s official website. I was somewhat disappointed with my tickets for the Manchester Evening News Arena back in 2011. Although the seats were close to the stage and I could see the whites of Roger’s eyes, I did feel these were not premium tickets as I couldn’t appreciate the full enormity and brilliance of the wall across the arena floor. Sitting further back to take it all in would, I imagine, be a much better experience. Leave your comments and share your opinions on that.

O2/Live Nation Presale – As is the case thesedays, the corporate boys have deals with concert promoters to offer loyalty perks to their customers. Hence O2 and Live Nation have a slice of tickets for their customers. For O2, this takes place from  Tue 20/11/12, 09:00 to Thu 22/11/12, 08:00. With Live Nation, they are Tue 20/11/12, 14:00 to Wed 21/11/12, 08:00.

General Sale – I shall be getting my tickets on General Sale and want to get standing tickets so I can place myself in the middle of the pitch and observe the show from a far enough distance to get a nice perspective on the whole thing, that I missed at the MEN Arena in 2011! The general sale Roger Waters tickets for Wembley Stadium go on sale on Wednesday 21st November 2012 at 9am via TicketMaster. I shall be getting mine then hopefully.

Roger Waters Ticket Prices

Given the colossal size of The Wall concert, particularly the outdoors stadium configuration of the show, the tickets seem like reasonable value in relation to what other artists are getting away with charging. The TicketMaster website has standing tickets at £66 inc booking fee and £82.50 seated.

Expensive, yes. Especially if you are on a low income and money is hard to come by and frustrates you to pay this much to watch an artist you like. But consider the size and configuration and the amount of work that goes into each show and the ticket price seems more reasonable. That said, 90,000 at £82.50 and 15,000 at £66 equals £7.425m and £0.99m or £8.4m revenue in total.

Lots of people want a cut of that revenue from the venue, promoters, crew and equipment/service suppliers, security, transportation, many hotel rooms, catering, PR and all the other administrative costs. But I imagine Roger has enough left over for some consumption! And good for him. He is 69 now and needs to think about his pension pot!

What’s your opinion on the ticket prices for this concert and others like The Rolling Stones? Leave a comment below.

Roger Waters Tour 2013 Dates and Venues

Here is the list of the Roger Waters Wall Live 2013 European tour dates that have been confirmed so far. If you want to learn when other dates are announced for the 2013 Wall Live Tour, then please do get our free newsletter, follow us on Twitter and Facebook too! Once other concerts are announced, all the news will filter onto our newsletter and social media websites too!

July 2013

2013-07-20 – Roger Waters – Werchter Festival Site – Werchter – Belgium
2013-07-23 – Roger Waters – Stadion Poljud – Split – Croatia
2013-07-26 – Roger Waters – Stadio Euganeo – Padua – Italy
2013-07-28 – Roger Waters – Stadio Olimpico – Rome – Italy
2013-07-31 – Roger Waters – TBC – Athens – Greece

August 2013

2013-08-03 – Roger Waters – ITU Stadium – Istanbul – Turkey
2013-08-07 – Roger Waters – Synot Tip Arena – Prague – Czech Republic
2013-08-09 – Roger Waters – Commerzbank Arena – Frankfurt – Germany
2013-08-11 – Roger Waters – Parken (Copenhagen) – Copenhagen – Denmark
2013-08-14 – Roger Waters – Telenor – Oslo – Norway
2013-08-15 – Roger Waters – Telenor – Oslo – Norway
2013-08-17 – Roger Waters – Ullevi Stadium – Gothenburg – Sweden
2013-08-20 – Roger Waters – Stadion Narodowy – Warsaw – Poland
2013-08-23 – Roger Waters – Ernst-Happel Stadium – Vienna – Austria
2013-08-25 – Roger Waters – Puskás Ferenc Stadium – Budapest – Hungary
2013-08-28 – Roger Waters – Piata Constitutiei – Bucharest – Romania
2013-08-30 – Roger Waters – Vasil Levski Stadium – Sofia – Bulgaria

September 2013

2013-09-01 – Roger Waters – Usce Park – Belgrade – Serbia
2013-09-04 – Roger Waters – Olympiastadion – Berlin – Germany
2013-09-06 – Roger Waters – Esprit Arena – Dusseldorf – Germany
2013-09-08 – Roger Waters – Amsterdam Arena – Amsterdam – Netherlands
2013-09-09 – Roger Waters – Letzigrund Stadium – Zurich – Switzerland
2013-09-14 – Roger Waters – Wembley Stadium – London – England (Tickets)
2013-09-18 – Roger Waters – Aviva Stadium (Dublin) – Dublin – Ireland (Tickets)
2013-09-21 – Roger Waters – Stade de France – Paris – France

Nov 152012
Roger Waters The Wall Tour

Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2013

The Roger Waters 2013 tour of Europe has been extended today with the announcement of 5 more concerts in UK and Mainland Europe taking the total to 25! They were announced in his press conference today which should be available to watch shortly if you missed it here.

The pre-sales will begin on 17th November 2012 with emails being sent out from Roger Waters official website (do register there now) to give fans the chance to purchase premium Roger Waters Tour 2013 concert tickets. I think this time round, I will want to sit further back and not near the front so I can take the show in from a different and fuller perspective.

Roger Waters 2013 Tour UK Dates

Those of us in the UK can breathe a sigh of relief as Roger and the band will be performing at Wembley Stadium in London on 14th September 2013! I shall be getting tickets for that one me thinks!

Pink Floyd performed at the old Wembley Stadium before it was rebuilt back in August 1988 where they performed two concerts back to back. Roger has never played there before or David Gilmour for that matter. However, Roger Waters performed at Wembley Arena in 1987 and 2002 also which some of you may have memories of. Share them by leaving a comment below!

Roger Waters The Wall 2013 Europe

Roger will also be calling on Athens, Greece on 31st July 2013 although the venue has not yet been confirmed so stay tuned for more information on that. Pink Floyd performed in Greece in 1989 after Roger Waters had left the band. Roger Waters performed there once in 2006 and three times in 2011 with The Wall Live at the OAKA Arena. The new Wall Live Stadium version of the tour is even more spectacular though and is not to be missed!

Other concerts announced on the Roger Waters 2013 tour of Europe now include ITU Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on 3rd August 2013. Roger played here once before in 2006 on the Dark Side of the Moon Tour but Pink Floyd never performed in Turkey before. An excellent opportunity to watch him here in what is possibly his last tour.

September 9th will see a performance of The Wall Live at Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich, Switzerland. 24 concerts have been performed here over the years by Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour too! Roger Waters was last here with The Wall Tour in 2011 at Hallenstadion for 4 nights. See full list.

And finally, Roger will be at Stade de France in Paris, France, on September 21st 2013 performing the phenomenal Wall Live Show! France has been a very popular place for Pink Floyd and solo performances too notching up a total of 90 shows so far. Roger last performed at Bercy in Paris back in 2011 although Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour have all done a fair few dates over the years!

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Where Should Roger Waters Perform The Wall Live 2013?

Leave a comment saying where in the world you would like to watch Roger Waters performing!

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