Aug 192014
Roger Waters Wall Live DVD 2014

Roger Waters Wall Live DVD 2014

After waiting many years for the news, it is finally announced that Roger Waters The Wall Live DVD will be getting screened at the Toronto International Film Festival from 6th September 2014.

The movie of the Wall Live shows, which were performed from September 2010 to September 2013, will no doubt have lots of footage from the concerts and other materials that have been filmed recently by Roger Waters – like his visit to his father’s grave in Italy that featured a film crew.

As more information becomes available it shall be posted on this website and probably more in depth on our sister website Neptune Pink Floyd.

Check out our latest story on the Roger Waters Live Film DVD.

Once the DVD and probably Blu-Ray are released, expect a full review and updated about the contents of the new Wall Live DVD/film. I imagine there will be all kinds of goodies on there for us fans to enjoy, with not much being released over the last few years, and most of it being repackaged materials, it is nice to get something fresh, new and exciting!

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