Nov 072012

Roger Waters appeared on the cooking programme On The Table with his good friend Eric Ripert. Roger Waters tells Eric Ripert his uncensored opinion on everything from the 2012 U.S. Election to the Patriot Act to personal greed to being an ardent atheist. The mood isn’t always serious as both share some good wine, cook a langoustines appetizer, shrimp tacos with salsa, and steak au poivre main course.

He also discusses the new studio album he has been working on called Heartland so that is something to look forward to!

“The Heartland idea sort of came from another song I wrote maybe 15 years ago, or longer even, which was a song that I wrote for a movie – a really, really bad movie called Michael that was about an angel,” Waters said. “I’m absolutely determined to make another album. And I think this new song may give me the chance to do that. It provides a cornerstone and a core idea for me to write a new album about. You know, it’s just one of my obsessions, which is, I’m sort of obsessed with the idea that religious extremism is a maligned factor in most of our lives.”

May 222012
Roger Waters Quebec Video 2012

Roger Waters Quebec Video 2012

Here is a great video from Roger Waters on his Quebec concert announced the other day where he will be performing outdoors with a colossal 800 foot wide Wall! Ha! What a fucking mad man!

If you don’t go to Roger’s concert there, then there is “something fucking wrong with you” according to Roger in the video. See what you think of his French accent. I think he did a good job.

Roger Waters said, “I’ve always loved playing in Québec. The Québécois are a very passionate and musical people and we’ll be playing on the Fields of Abraham. This is going to be completely unlike any of The Wall shows we’ve done anywhere else in the world.”

Roger Waters Tickets

A limited number of priority tickets (wristbands) will be available in advance of the public sale for fans who register on between 9:00am on Wednesday May 23rd and 9pm Thursday May 31st. Fans who have purchased a pass for this year’s Festival d’été de Québec can  also get priority booking by registering online at during the same time period. General public sales will commence on June 5th at

Roger will perform in Quebec at Les Plaines D’Abraham on 21st July 2012 in Quebec City, Canada. It will be the final date on The Wall Tour 2012 with no other concerts announced after that. Considering he is extending to an 800 foot wide Wall, this extravagant event (even in comparison to the other Wall outdoor events) could signal that the tour has come to a spectacular end and that the long awaited Wall Live DVD could shortly be released. Who knows. Roger Knows. Anyway…

Watch Roger’s madness unfold here!

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